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Yacht Care Maintenance Programs

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Maintenance Plans

    Maintaining a Motor/Sailing yacht can be as routine as establishing a Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance Plan Based on Your Needs, including items such as washing /cleaning and interior prep.

Your plan can also be as complex as a Full Annual Maintenance Schedule for your craft!

We at Eastside Boat Manager schedule pre-planned maintenance and maintain a sizeable number of Motor/Sailing craft for clients/owners who are out of town for extended periods of time. We also have the capability and "know how" to accomplish a wide range of "Client Directed" Yacht Management Programs.

  24% of our clients in our 78 vessel inventory have specialized "Client-Directed Plans" with a full spectrum of services including:

     bulletRoutine scheduled Monthly and Quarterly Cleaning
       "(Full Wash-down)."

     bulletAnnual Waxing/Polishing and Buffing.

     bulletInterior Prep with Galley/Heads and Salon Cleaning.

     bulletSnow Birds (Scheduled ownership),
     while the client is out of town/State) 90-180 Days



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